Power-to-Gas Innovation Day, Budapest University of Technology and Economics, 14 June 2019

It's a great pleasure to welcome Professor Laurens Mets from University of Chicago to be our keynote speaker at our first Power-to-Gas Innovation Day, to be organised at the Budapest University of Technology and Economics, on 14 June 2019.

Professor Mets' research group isolated the biocatalyst that we use in our innovative power-to-gas processes. Our byocatalist has several unique properties including high mass conversion efficiency, tolerance to many contaminants typically found in industrial CO2-sources (oxygen, hydrogen sulfide, particulates), high selectivity in methane production, and very fast reaction kinetics, that enable scale up to commercial application. In addition, the organisms are self-replicating and self maintaining and hence do not require periodic replacement. Professor Mets is an iconic representative of international power-to-gas research community.

At the first Power-to-Gas Innovation Day Professor Mets and Hungarian professors, industry representatives and regulators are going to discuss the global trends in power-to-gas technology development, as well as local and regional innovation opportunities for Hungary and Central Europe.