Innovative Brand Award 2020 for Power-to-Gas Hungary Kft.

Power-to-Gas Hungary Kft. is a pioneer in developing disruptive solutions for utility-scale energy storage, grid-balancing and carbon reuse. Our innovation performance has already been recognised by the TOP 10 Innovation Award of Hungary for 2018-2019. We are proud to announce that we have also received the Innovative Brand Award 2020, recently.

The Innovative Brand Award 2020 has been given to Power-to-Gas Hungary Kft. based on following criteria:
1. Identity: How Hungarian does the Evaluation Committee feel the brand, how attached is the brand to local lives, the country and local values?
2. Reputation: What is the reputation of the brand among consumers and professionals?
3. Branding: What is the professional assessment of the domestic branding practice?
4. Innovativeness: What creativity does a given brand show in the development of innovative products or services, in the design of the organization, or in marketing and sales activities?
5. Social utility: How much does the brand respond to new consumer needs, what added value does it mean for the society, how does it contribute to social development?

Thank you for MagyarBrands for the Innovative Brand Award 2020. We are very committed to deliver outstanding research and development results in the future, as well as to be the drivers of power-to-gas innovations in Hungary and in Central Europe.