Hiventures Plc
Kutatás-Fejlesztési és Innovációs Állami Tőkealap

Corvinus Venture Capital Fund Management Plc. (CVCFM) – originally founded in 1999 as Regional Fund Management – has created and managed various kinds of venture capital funds in order to provide equity for the innovative, high potential pre-seed or seed staged companies.

In 2016 CVCFM was appointed as the State Venture Capital Fund and operates under a new name – Hiventures - with new resources, increased headcount, product portfolio and agenda ever since.

Professionally supervised and supported by the National Research, Development and Innovation Office and the Hungarian Develpoment Bank Plc. (HDB), the aim of Hiventures is to invest in and support pre-seed, seed and growth stage companies through our venture capital programs, thus helping pre-established or young, R+D+I focused companies to succeed.

With 50 billion HUF worth of European Union and HDB funds in hand, Hiventures became one of the biggest investor companies in East-Central Europe, offering a completely unique combination of venture capital programs, flexible investment conditions, and a quick and modified decisions-making structure.